At Synnapps, we have a vision, and at the heart of that vision, lies people.

Synnapps, at its heart, comprises two critical, complementary components: its people, and its customers. Together, these two components direct every aspect of our business and support us in our mission, which is to connect people using contemporary digital technologies.

Firstly, our people; the brave, beautiful souls who make Synnapps' vision possible. Since our incorporation, we have faced many inevitable challenges - competition, political instability, lack of credibility, and more - and it is only the supernatural courage and loyalty of our people that have enabled us to prevail.

Secondly, our customers. Synnapps exists to change lives for the better. Using local knowledge and the latest in global technological advancements, we aim to ensure that access to mobile Internet in developing countries becomes as much a human right as access to electricity or water.

Core Values


Being brave enough to share ideas, create, and change. Having courage to act even when afraid.


Seeing the positives in every situation. Not taking ourselves too seriously.


Valuing everyone’s contribution equally. Trusting, understanding and supporting our co-workers.


Seeing every day as a fresh opportunity to contribute, solve problems, and achieve goals. Being self-motivated and self-organising.


Understanding and meeting expectations. Producing things you would be happy to receive from others.

Code of Honour

I will


the company values and embody them

in everything i do and with everyone i meet.

I will

keep track

of work that has been assigned to me

and use the available tools to regularly
update and inform my co-workers.

I will


my working space tidy.

I will


others right to work.

I will

carry out

my responsibilites in a timely manner

while maintaining realistic expectations regarding the response time of others

I will


any concerns to my team lead.

Our journey

  • Sept 2015

    Launched our first wellness application, Dancrs (www.dancrs.net) Moved to a new office in London and expanded the office in Lahore to four floors

  • Jun 2015

    Secured our first clients for application development and user experience design services Doubled the size of the UK team Established a presence in the U.S. and UAE

  • Mar 2015

    Incorporated Synnapps Pakistan and appointed our Managing Director
    Opened our office in Lahore

  • dec 2014

    Completed the proposal for Dancrs
    Defined our Core Values and Code of Honour
    Opened our office in London

  • Nov 2014

    Incorporated Synnapps