Setting Up The Team In Pakistan

Sophie Newman-Sanders

2nd March 2015

On the 19th January, Imran Baig (Chief Technology Officer) and I flew to Lahore, Pakistan to interview candidates for our design and development team.

We conducted face-to-face interviews with candidates over a three day period, having cut down the original list of 75 to a shortlist of 24. Without exception, the calibre of the candidates, business and technical, greatly exceeded our expectations. Out of the 24 candidates, we identified 5 extremely capable individuals to occupy senior positions within the firm. These candidates will be responsible for appointing the remaining 12 members of the team.

So, between now and the end of March, we will be constructing our office space in Lahore, on-boarding the team and then it will be full speed ahead. Watch this space.


With just a few weeks to go until DANCRS is live in London and New York, the website is up and functioning nicely. Check it out at

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MOVEIT and IVDC 2015

After three rigorous days of showcasing DANCRS at MOVEIT, we had just two weeks to collect ourselves for the next big event - IVDC 2015.

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