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Application design & Development

We have extensive expertise in designing and developing mobile applications. We develop applications for both Android and iOS. We work closely with you to understand your ideas. We help you turn your ideas into feature-rich, scalable mobile apps that are stable and secure.

We deliver innovative applications with cutting edge user interface and user experience and ensure that the end product meets all of your requirements. The entire process from design to end product has been streamlined to ensure that it is as easy and painless as possible for you.

Website design & Development

We create customized websites that are user-friendly and create business value. We work closely with you to understand how your business works and what your requirements are. We make recommendations and provide solutions to your needs.

Each development project is worked on by a holistic team of highly skilled designers, developers and business analysts to ensure that every aspect of the process is taken care of and we deliver a high quality website that will exceed your expectations. We provide support to you to ensure that you can takeover running the website and update content as required.

Product Branding & Launch

Strong product branding is one of the most valuable assets of a company. It is your promise to your customer and fosters customer loyalty. Recognizing this, we craft product branding to ensure that it properly represents your business and appeals to your intended target market. We help you define a clear mission and develop strong brand equity.

A consistent brand identity must resonate in every part of your business. To this end, we help you translate the brand identity into specific actionable measures to be taken for each part of your business from your design to your layouts.

Digital Marketing

Social media has changed the way customers and companies communicate. We create and implement social media strategies that tie in with your business goals and broader marketing strategy. We ensure that you target your audiences more effectively, maximizing engagement and increasing brand awareness. Our extensive experience and market intelligence ensure that we use the correct platforms to maximize the correct metrics for your business.

Content management & Copy-writing

From your marketing to your customer service, every touch point is a chance for you to meet customer expectations and business objectives. Content is what drives people to your website to learn more and buy more. At the same time, publishing content comes with a risk. Customers may leave if they don’t find valuable content. When publishing content, it is essential that you maintain consistent branding and messaging.

We handle content throughout the digital lifecycle from collection and creation to publishing. We create high quality content including text, /assets and videos. We publish relevant content across multiple platforms, ensuring that your brand identity.

Managed Services for Startups

Bridging the gap between innovative ideas and successful execution. Often teams have innovative ideas and excellent technical skills but lack business sense and structure. To help startups achieve success and allow them to focus on what they know best, we provide managed services. This includes providing office space and general admin services as well as specific marketing, business development and CRM support.

User Experience Design

The primary goal of designing a strong user experience is to achieve the greatest possible user satisfaction by improving usability, accessibility and pleasure on the user's part as a result of interacting with the product.

We design detailed user experiences for all of our products. We also offer User Experience Design (UXD or UED) as a service. This includes documenting use cases, creating detailed user journeys, and producing product maps and/or wireframes.

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